"My Groupie"By Charles Bukowski

external image Bukowski.jpg
I read last Saturday in the
redwoods outside of Santa Cruz
and I was about 3/4's finished
when I heard a long high scream
and a quite attractive
young girl came running toward me
long gown & divine eyes of fire
and she leaped up on the stage
and screamed: "I WANT YOU!
I told her, "look, get the hell
away from me."
but she kept tearing at my
clothing and throwing herself
at me.
"where were you," I
asked her, "when I was living
on one candy bar a day and
sending short stories to the
Atlantic Monthly?"
she grabbed my balls and almost
twisted them off. her kisses
tasted like shitsoup.
2 women jumped up on the stage
carried her off into the
I could still hear her screams
as I began the next poem.
mabye, I thought, I should have
taken her on stage in front
of all those eyes.
but one can never be sure
whether it's good poetry or
bad acid.

This is one of my favorite Bukowski poems. Usually while reading a particular poet I would say "well, he's funny for a poet," but not with Hank, he's just FUNNY. There are two main funny parts in the poem: first when he says to an attractive, obsessed, horny girl "look, get the hell away from me." and also lines 18-24 made me tear up from laughter. This also has one of my all-time favorite endings to a poem: "but one can never be sure whether it's good poetry or bad acid." I'm so happy I found a poet that I really love reading.